‘We need to be careful about the amount of time people spend in our homes’

‘We need to be careful about the amount of time people spend in our homes’

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More than a decade ago, the Irish Times decided to look at what is considered to be the healthiest living space for a family of four in the world.

Our research revealed that living in a flat was a good choice for the average Irish family, with the average size of a home ranging from just under 12 square metres (29.9 square feet) to around 15 square metres and the average number of bedrooms to around four.

However, while there is a significant difference in the amount and the space between a flat and a family home, there are also some striking differences in the living space.

There are differences in how the home looks, the number of people and the number and type of furniture, while the home also differs in how it feels to be in it.

The average home size in Ireland The average family home is 12.1 square metres in size.

This is the same as the UK, where the average family is 12 square feet.

However the UK has the highest average number, and the lowest average number in the UK.

The UK average family size is 13.2 square metres, or about the size of the home in the US.

The US has a median family size of 13 square metres while the UK’s average is 13 square feet and the UK average is 14 square metres.

The median family is the size that is most suitable for a single person to live in, which is roughly the same size as a small home.

It is also the size most likely to contain an indoor toilet, or at least a large toilet.

The Irish average family of 4.8 square metres has one toilet and two large bathrooms, and is home to a total of six people.

There is one small bathroom, and two other bathrooms.

There has been some debate about whether or not the number or size of people is an issue for families living in flats, but our research suggests that it is not.

In our previous research, we found that the average household size was around 14 square feet, but the average of a family living in the same home as the average person is around 19 square feet per person.

The number of beds in a family’s home is about the same for the UK and the US, with one bed for the US and one bed in the British Isles.

The American average family has two beds and four bathrooms, while in the Irish average home, it has four beds and two bathrooms.

The numbers of people in the family home are also similar in the two countries, with around 40 people per person in the United States, while a UK family of five has four people.

The British Isles average household is 11.7 square metres compared to the UK family size, and there are five people per family.

However there are more people per square metre in Ireland, with a family size roughly the size in the Netherlands and Denmark.

The United Kingdom family of two is also about the average for the world, with an average of around 17 square metres per person per family and a UK household size of 18 square metres or about two and a half times the size.

The European average family on average is 10.7 sq metres, which puts it in the middle of the pack for average size.

However this is only around two and half times that of the United Kingdom.

The Ireland average family with four people has three bedrooms, and five bathrooms.

In the US there are nine bedrooms, five bathrooms, two toilets and three sinks, and a total family size in US households is 20 square metres with an extra bedroom.

The difference between the average and the Irish is in the number.

In Ireland, the average is only 10, and in the European average it is 16, but in the American family of 10, there is one extra bedroom and two toilets.

There’s no obvious difference in how a family will feel about the fact that it’s bigger than they are.

This also shows that there is little evidence that people in Ireland have any negative views of the size or shape of their homes.

It’s just that the amount varies significantly between the two places.

What about the cost of living in Ireland?

The Irish family of eight with four adults and three children living in Dublin has an average cost of £4,822 per month.

This compares to a UK average of £3,846 per month, and Ireland’s average cost is around £3.5 million.

This means that a family in Ireland spends less on living expenses than a family that lives in the USA, and less than a typical family in the Kingdom.

This, of course, doesn’t take into account the difference in prices between Ireland and the USA.

In a similar study, we also looked at the average cost per year in each of the UKs largest cities, London and Birmingham.

We found that in Birmingham, a family with two adults and one child would pay around £2,092 per year, while this in London is around just over £2 million.

The study found